Enoshima - Water Sprites

Enoshima (Yaoyorozu no kami I)

Dimensions variable
Completion Date:
Manipulated photographs



  1. I’m also drawn to symmetric and centripetal images.
    But this seems to me to be a Christian feeling.
    There is a part of the Japanese sense that enjoys simplicity, imbalance, imperfection and half-heartedness.
    The works all remind me of psychedelic pleasures.
    I haven’t experienced that feeling lately, so it’s nostalgic.

    1. Yes, Japanese style is really interesting in that it embraces imperfection, imbalance and simplicity, but Japanese design can also be extremely straight-lined, stark and symmetrical.

      “Psychedelic” imagery too can have a very free, disorganised, multilayered style but also can incorporate crystalline forms and intricate symmetry (for example in the work of Alex Grey).

      I have never considered Christianity as an influence, but there is definitely a strong spiritual aspect to my work – in my approach, if not in the images themselves. If anything I would consider animism, Hinduism and Buddhism before Christianity.

      Thank you for your comments 🙂

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